Gesso vessel by Adam Wahby Close up flower photography by photographer Lucy Birnie Bangle by Jeweller Nick Gillespie Photograph of sunset by Gordon Morrison, photographer Hand painted lizard onto terracotta pot by artists Sally and Shaun Delavigne Painting of couple embracing by Artist Valerie Weir Embroidery by craft worker and embroiderer, Karen Lewis Silver Necklace made by jewellery makers Sue and Sharon Cannings of Arcturus Jewellery
Stoneware teapot by potter and market regular Joan Orlov

ALL SAINTS GARDEN                           Trinity Street
  ART & CRAFT MARKET             Cambridge

Artists by craft

There is a wide range of artists and craft workers exhibiting and selling at All Saints Art and Craft Market, here is a list of our regular stallholders broadly categorised:


Arcturus Jewellery - Bridal and special occasion jewellery
Hairy Growler - Handcrafted jewellery created from recycled items
Sarah-Jane Marsden - Jewellery and painted glass

Rachel Hutchins R.C.A.


Paul McGrath - POG Crafts Pottery
Sally and Shaun Delavigne - Hand painted terracotta
West Lodge Pottery - Hand thrown and slipcast earthenware pottery


Derek Langley - Black and white photography
Gordon Morrison


Stabo - Clothing and accessories


Doug Bates - Wooden Toys


Dolores Garcia - beeswax candles
Scrap-Iron - Hand made iron figures

Silver and turquoise earrings made by Inca Jewellery, Ruther Piure
Sheep foot stool made by artist Annari Rabie
Bees wax candles by craft worker Dolores Garcia
Wooden clock hand made by Gareth Williams